is one of the leading energy trading companies.
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A most modern
Bitumen Plant
with versatile capability to produce all value-added grades of Bitumen
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More than
150 employees worldwide
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About us

ARIA Bio Industries

ARIA Bio Industries is one of the leading energy trading companies. We have been applying our depth of specialist experience to waste oil refining, manufacturing of special grades of Bitumen, Trading of middle and Heavy distillates like Gas Oil, Fuel Oil etc , logistics, Storage Terminals and Bunkering operations

With a team of highly experienced professionals of Oil industry, ARIA Bio has consolidated experience in trading, operations, chartering, logistics, storage, refining, and bunkering. Our strong knowledge of the markets where we operate, combined with our logistics expertise and experienced traders, enables us to meet our clients’ needs with reliable and innovative solutions.
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Our Businesses


Bitumen is a byproduct of crude oil. it is composed of complex hydrocarbons and contains elements like calcium, iron, sulfur …


Aria Bio Industries has put up a modern Light Crude Refinery (Mini Process Plant) in Hamriyah, Sharjah (UAE) with an ….

Shipping & Logistics

ARIA, operates with a global presence and strategic positioning across key international hubs allowing it to leverage both local…



Trading Activities

ARIA Bio’s growth strategy is focused on sustainable energy commodities and projects, implemented through geographical expansion in new markets, product diversification, and strategic alliances with major Oil companies