Global Bitumen Market Analysis

The Global Bitumen Market has been segmented by Type, Application and Geography. Asphalt, commonly known as bitumen, is a thick, sticky, and dark liquid or semi-solid made of petroleum. It is frequently employed in construction because of its waterproofing capabilities. Cost and durability are the main issues for the primary application, which is road construction, just like with concrete (bitumen use). Types of bitumen includes penetration grade bitumen, oxidized bitumen, cutback bitumen & bitumen emulsion.

Global Bitumen Market, Segmentation by Type


1- Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB)
Due to its resistance to permanent deformation and superior stress resistance compared to conventional bitumen, PMB is the ideal choice for today’s highways carrying high intensity of heavy loads. Polymer modified Bitumen are high tech, specialty products and require cutting edge technology for their assessment. ARIAsphalt is equipped with modern high tech production facilities and a state-of-the-art Laboratory to manufacture all challenging grades of PMB.

Key benefits of our PMB:
2- Bitumen Emulsions
It’s mostly used as Tack coat in road construction to bind different courses such as base course, binder course and surface course together so that all combined function monolith.

Advantages of our Eco-friendly Bitumen Emulsions:
3- Cutback Bitumen
It’s more effectively used as prime coat as it penetrates to more depth into unbound pavement in shorter time as compared to Bitumen Emulsions. The important functions of prime coat are to coat and stabilize loose particles on the surface of unbound base, to protect the base course surface from wet weather by providing a temporary waterproofing layer.
4- Oxidized Bitumen
Oxidized Bitumen is used for the manufacturing roofing, flooring, waterproofing, adhesive, sealing and anti-corrosion products. ARIAsphalt is proud to have two oxidation columns for manufacturing oxidized Bitumen and being one of the major suppliers of all grades of Oxidized Bitumen which are supplied in bulk, drums and paper bags.
5- Penetration Bitumen
Penetration Grade Bitumen is commonly used in road construction, surfacing, and some industrial applications. Additional processing of this type of Bitumen yields various grades of Bitumen products. The Penetration Test determines the hardness of Bitumen by measuring the depth ( in tenths of a mm) to which a standard and loaded needle will vertically penetrate in 5 seconds, a sample of Bitumen maintained at a temperature of 25°C. Hence the softer the bitumen, the greater will be its number of penetration units. We offer the following grades of Penetration Bitumen including Bitumen 80/100, Bitumen 85/100, Bitumen 35/50, Bitumen 40/50, Bitumen 50/70, Bitumen 60/70