Shipping & Logistics


ARIA, operates with a global presence and strategic positioning across key international hubs, allowing it to leverage both local market insights and global reach to create fresh opportunities. ARIA has trade offices in MENA region, Singapore, South Africa, India and has plans to expand to European markets.

ARIA has evolved into a force to reckon in the shipping and logistics sector, committed to delivering comprehensive energy solutions to a global clientele. Our robust corporate governance framework ensures astute management of credit, market, and forex risks, enhancing our capacity to navigate these domains judiciously.


Our current marine fleet comprises of two vessels with capacities of 7000 and 9000 DWT handling DPP products, along with 400 bitutainers spread globally to address the global clientele, 18 road tankers dedicated to efficiently moving Bitumen, Distillates, and Black oil.

The services offered by Aria encompass:


Further ARIA has ambitious plans to expand its marine fleet size to suit business needs for Trading and Bunkering operations.

Recognizing the ongoing expansion, we emphasize the necessity for more robust control mechanisms across the entire supply chain. This approach aims to create turnkey solutions for clients by strategically investing in a proprietary fleet, enabling punctual deliveries at competitive costs and reducing dependence on charter services.

ARIA's investments in logistics are intricately designed to establish an integrated supply chain management system, enabling widespread product distribution across diverse global markets.

Our logistics division operates as an independent profit centre, offering transportation, cargo handling, and comprehensive solutions to external clients. It holds substantial influence as a leader in the road fleet market, particularly in managing transportation of bitumen, bunker fuels, distillates, and dirty petroleum products

Logistics ( Surface Transport)

Apart from Shipping and chartering services, ARIA has forayed into Surface Transport segment through its entity, ARIA Petroleum Transport Coy. This has embedded its core values as Innovation, Customer Service, Integrity & Smart work
With a vision to be a leading and trusted name in petroleum transportation, Aria Petroleum Transport L.L.C, stands out as a reputed and safety-focused transportation company in the United Arab Emirates. With a fleet of 30 vehicles and a team of skilled drivers certified in HAZMAT (Hazardous Materials) and defensive driving, we specialize in the transportation of petroleum products, including Gas oil, Fuel Oil and bitumen. Our commitment to safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction is evident from our compliance with all necessary regulations, including safety, Civil Défense, and GPS requirements.

Our entire fleet of 30 vehicles comply with all stringent safety standards stipulated by Civil defence authorities and GPS regulations and are equipped to handle the transportation of petroleum products safely and efficiently. Our priorities include the well-being of our transport crew, the public, and the environment.

Partnering with the reputed Oil companies, we are registered with entities like ADNOC and Emarat as approved vendors and participate in handling cargos from their terminals. Our foray into the Bunkering business is marked by the fact that we are registered as a bunker supplier in all major sea ports in the UAE.
Aria Petroleum Transport boasts a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals with over 20 years of expertise in managing and executing transport operations. Our Surface Transport Business is well founded on the following five unique pillars of our strength:.

Safety First

We prioritize the safety of our personnel, the public, and the environment in all our operations.


We strive to deliver on our promises, providing consistent and dependable services to our clients.


Our business is built on honesty and transparency, fostering trust with our clients, partners, and employees.

Customer Focus

We are committed to understanding and meeting the unique needs of our customers, ensuring their satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace innovation and continuously seek ways to enhance our operations, staying ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Aria Petroleum Transport L.L.C. is dedicated to setting the highest standards in the petroleum transportation sector, delivering excellence with every shipment and upholding our values in every aspect of our business.